HUZZAH!!!! We finally made it to strip number 200!!!!!

It’s been a roller coaster ride for me with TMTM. When I started the strip I remember being in a caravan on holiday with my family. My kids were tiny and after being inspired by my good friends Drew Pocza and Eric Merced, I decided to make one of these comic things…

When I look back on the first…150 I’m somewhat embarrassed by the artwork (even now with newer strips I cringe a little from time to time), but I’m hugely proud of what I’ve produced and I’m glad I can show my kids the kid of things they (may) have got up to.

I’m HUGELY thankful and appreciative of everyone over the years who have supported this little venture and the subsequent comics and art that have been produced since the start.

I’m not sure how many more TMTM strips will be made, purely because I have so many ideas for other comics, BUT that doesn’t mean we’re done. In fact I already have 2 more strips lined up, it will just be sporadic.

Keep your eyes peeled to Twitter and Facebook for news on more TMTM or pick up a book or two from my shop and thanks again!!