Funny how kids get freaked out by simple things…suppose some adults do too!

Still got the new t-shirts on offer:

You can now finally preorder your very own TMTM t-shirt!

These will be screen printed on Gildan GD005Heavy Cotton shirts for men andGildan GD072 Softstyle shirts for women. Kids t-shirts are also available, printed onGildan GD05BHeavy Cotton shirts.

The price of the shirts are £11.50 +£2.50pp for adults and £7.50 +£2.50pp for kids (UK shipping, for intnl price please contact me). THESE WILL ONLY BE PRINTED WHEN I HAVE 10 PREORDERS!! (1 order done already so only 9 to go :) )

Please email me @ tmtmcomic(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk with your style and size of shirt and I will send you a paypal link.

Looking forward to getting these out there!! :)